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San Diego Hub

The San Diego Hub is a group of change-makers from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds who seek to make a difference in the local community and country through collaborative grassroots projects.

10 members


Lauren Garces

Joined 27 Feb 2020

Impact Officer

Micaela Coleman

Joined 3 May 2018

Jack Fernandes

Joined 10 Sep 2020

Marie Kim

Joined 5 Jun 2020

Francisco Lee

Joined 27 Feb 2020

Gregory Pak

Joined 27 Feb 2020

Ekaterina Paramonova

Joined 25 Aug 2020

Andrew Diep-Tran

Joined 6 Oct 2020

Kristen Lemaster

Joined 30 Aug 2020

Staci Saruwatari

Joined 25 Aug 2020

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