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San Juan Hub

The San Juan Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young Puerto Ricans committed to shaping our community and laying the groundwork for a better future. Given the diversity of our Hub we have launched several initiatives including dialogue series with thought leaders, an entrepreneurship development seminars, an initiative to provide sanitation to a community in Haiti and an initiative to raise the voice of youth through a nationwide poll.

32 members


Alan Taveras


@ Brands Of, Holding Inc.

Débora Aponte-Martínez

Assistant Project Manager

Edmy Ayala

Content Producer

Sergio Ernesto Calzada Martinez


@ Essèntium Group LLC

Oscar Alejandro Cullen Lopez


@ Monito

Crystal Diaz

Associate Director, Experiential Marketing and Distribution

@ GFR Media

Ana Diaz Ramirez

Human Resources & Administration Manager

José Lazo Rivera

Alejandro Manzanares Caiñas

Regional Director

Carolina Martinez

Legislative Adviser

Melvin Peña Medina

Creative Designer @ Adrenaline Advertising Group

Suzette Quirós

Executive Director Assistant

Roberto Rivera Ramos

Co-Founder & Business Leader

Cristina Salazar

Business Development Specialist

Ryan Dion Taylor

Senior Consultant

Khrista V. Trani Rivera

Educational Initiatives and Community Outreach Coordinator

Luis Arroyo Pont

Board Member

Emmanuel Cepeda

Digital Jr. Media Planner & Buyer

Cesar Cordero Santiago

Chief Operating Officer

Kathia Yari Cordova Pintor

Procurement & Logistics Assistant

Jaymarie Correa


Jessica Earl

Executive to CEO

Steven Feliciano Rivera

President, Co-founder

Jose Rafael Guzman Pereira

Maternal and Child Health Director

Josué O Jiménez López

Asesor Legislativo

Luriel Laboy

Account Executive

Mili Angelic Landron Acevedo

Program Director

Natalia Parga

Graduate student

Camila Noelia Rivera Negron


Brian Javier Rodriguez


Jose Sabines

Commercial Relationship Officer

Founding Curator

Georgie Benardete

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

@ Align17

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