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Sana'a Hub

The hub aims to contribute positively to the Yemeni economy,by launching projects led by young entrepreneurs who have the motive,experience &qualifications to implement such projects on the ground.
Identify Problems,Innovate Projects,Cooperate Globally.

14 members


Badraldeen Homaidan

Projects Coordinator

Abdulsalam Abbas

Marketing & IT officer

Ammar Alareefi

Analyst, Information Systems

@ Al Sabeel for Traveling

Marwa Al-Banna

Administration and Finance Associate

@ United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Ebrahim Al Dhaifani

Media Consultant

@ saj for media

Madiha Al Junaid

Research Associate

@ MetaMeta Research

Amel Al-Samawi

Architect & Interior Designer

Nesrain Bafakih

Technical Support Officer

@ Aodle Company

Rajwa Alhaddi


Mahmoud Al-Jounaid

Admin Manager

Ibrahim Al-Mahjaru

Media Production Manager

Amel Al-Saqqal

Public Relations Commissioner

Abdurahman Hussain


Founding Curator

Walid Al-Saqaf

Activist, Researcher

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