Santander Hub

The mission of the Santander hub is to CONNECT and TRANSFORM.

Fostering connections among young people in the territory, enhancing skills, creating and implementing projects and activities, learning and having fun, and, of course, transforming the territory and ourselves in the process.

We want to make significant impact internally, locally, and globally.

7 members

Founding Curator

Maria Valentina González

Joined 1 Nov 2021

Miguel Angel Lobo Rueda

Joined 8 Mar 2024

Luis Martin

Joined 21 Mar 2024

Ariana Isabel Méndez Oliveros

Joined 21 Mar 2024

Billy Williams Ordores Pantoja

Joined 21 Mar 2024

Sara Sancho Mora

Joined 7 Mar 2024

Meg Sykes

Joined 8 Mar 2024

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