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Santiago Hub

The Santiago Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young Santiago citizens committed to shaping our community and laying the ground work for a better city. While we have a unified mission for our Hub, we benefit from the diversity of nationalities such as Perú, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brasil, and Chile. Since 2014 we have launched several community initiatives including dialogue series with presidential candidates and thought leaders, a gender inequality program, and a program designed to embrace immigration process as a tool for building a progressive cosmopolitan city.

Our Purpose: "Building our Community from Diversity"

41 members


Miguel Angel González Niño

Strategy and Management Consultant

@ Fundacion Chile

Sharon Shirley Alarcón Herrera

Project leader

David Bernal


Ignacio Bugueño Vilches

Chief of Staff to Deputy Luciano Cruz-Coke Carvallo



Carolina Paz Chavez Ferone


Roci­o Concha


Tomás González Olavarría

Executive Director

@ Tribu

Diego Haeussler Pérez

Playful Facilitator + Pollinator of Conscience

María Constanza Hernández

Consultora Innovación Pedagógica

Yaznaia Jaramillo

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

@ ArchGroup

Hector Andres Kappes Martinez

Director, Mentores de Impacto

Carolina de los Angeles Leiva Ureta

Coordinator of Innovation

Sebastian Marambio

Founder and Executive Director

@ Fundación Educacional Consejo de Curso

Jorge Aníbal Martínez Lubiano

Executive Director

Andres Melendez

Founder and CEO

José Manuel Moller

Chief Executive Officer

@ Algramo Group

Mario Mora

CEO & Founder

Dominique Mouton Cotton Cooke

Founder - IT Recruiter

Hector Leonardo Moyeton Aguilera

Latin America Network Manager

Ariadne Nardeli


Leonardo Nunes Ricucci

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

@ Novalact Life Sciences

Ignacia Nuñez

Founder and Creative director

@ Minka

Jose Peña Manjarrés

Country Manager


Diego Alonso Piedra Fuentes

Parliamentary Adviser

Tomás Prado

Sales Manager

Andrea Ramos

Corporate Relations

Joaquin Reyes


Rocio Nahir Rivera

Country Manager Chile

Isidora Ruggeroni Romero


Sebastian Salinas


@ Balloon Chile

Fabian Schiaffino

Executive Director

Camilo Solis Mezzano

Bussines Development

Sofía Alejandra Araya Estivill

Corporate Training Manager

Rodrigo Echecopar


Rafa Fremd

Founder & CEO

Hugo Jofré

Chief of Staff for the National Director

Vicente Lorca Pizarro

Innovation Coordinator and Professor

Manuel Hugo Luarte Jara


Juan Aaron Romero Rubilar


Founding Curator

Eric Parrado

Chief Economist and General Manager of the Research Department

@ The Inter-American Development Bank

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