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The Seattle Hub is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, civic leaders, business innovators, and nonprofit organizers. The common themes that unite us are a continual desire to improve the world, a willingness to instigate new things and take risk, and a commitment to helping our fellow Shapers achieve their goals. We have focused on homelessness and youth mentor ship in past local projects, and we've enjoyed working with the international Shaper network on projects such as #Weare10, a media initiative to show support for the refugee team at the 2016 Olympics.

34 members


Cori Simmons

Chief of Staff

Kenneth Auchenberg

Program Manager

Jess Boyd

Senior Development Manager

Smriti Chandrashekar

Privacy Analyst

Chelsea Glaser


Rachel Haas

Managing Director


Cole Hoover

Director of Education

@ Global Brigades

Max Nathan Mankin

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

@ Modern Electron

Riley Mullett

Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics

@ Seattle Seahawks

Hira Niaz Ahmed


@ Bespoke Weddings

Aadithya Prakash

Firmware Engineer

Paul Sacca

Alison Scattergood

Founder | Filmmaker

Jeremy Schifberg


Bora Can Sekerel

Management Consultant

Jamie Van Horne

Engagement Manager

Michael Vogel

Corporate Development Manager at Arvato Financial Solutions & Co-Fo...

Buddy Waddington

Strategic Planner

@ Wunderman Seattle

Katie Worral

Communication Coordinator

@ Emerging Prairie

Rebecca Yang

Chief of Staff, Business Integrity

Berit Anderson

Managing Editor

Zachary Cohn


Jessica Eggert

Principal Consultant & Writer

Sarah Cathryn Freed

Community Impact Manager

David Kirichenko

Brand Specialist

Rachel Lerman


Korion Morris

Business Development Manager & Partner

Gina Phillips

City Lead (General Manager)

Chinara Satkeeva

Technology Manager

Kartik Sawhney

Software engineer

Kartik Sawhney


Martha Segovia

Supply Chain Analyst

Shireen Tabrizi

Project Coordinator, Community & Civic Engagement

Founding Curator

Melanie Walker

Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery

@ University of Washington

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