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Seoul Hub

Seoul Hub is made up of talented young people from diverse professions such as arts, media, medicine, NGO, social enterprise, venture capital, and various start-ups. We aim to deliver positive impacts to societies in Seoul and work with the local community to find innovative solutions to problems which Seoul faces.

24 members


Rhi Jaiwon

Ahn Tae-Jin

Cha Yoonji

Seoyoung Choi

Chung Kyung-Sun

Wonsik Jeong

Youngmin Joo

Kidong Justin Kim

Seoyeon Kim

Soojin Kim

Junhee Lee

Lee Bumkyu

Sung Hoon Suh

BumRyung Yoo

Youram Cha

Bok Yeon Hwang

Min Hwi Joo

kyutae kim

Yunji Kim

Hyemin Kim

Hyung Cheol Lim

Jiyai Shin

Jiemin Yoon

Founding Curator

Yoon Song-Yee

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