Seville Hub

Sevilla Hub aims to help local young changemakers to build an inspirational, collaborative & diverse community to become empowered for leading projects with “glocal” - from local to global - impact for a better world. 


The community objective is to give a voice to the youth and local leaders in order to solve challenges and make progresses in Sevilla and connect, share and contribute to thee Global Shapers “glocal” community. 


We strongly believe that through cooperation and community initiatives it is possible to achieve an outstanding change in Sevilla towards its growth and development, and at the same time, towards a better future.


9 members

Juan Alcaide Sánchez

Joined 24 Jan 2023

Guillermo Arranz Sánchez

Joined 23 Jan 2023

Ana Delgado Guillén

Joined 22 Jan 2023

Marta Delgado Guillén

Joined 23 Jan 2023

Lucia Fernandez-Figueroa Gonzalez

Joined 23 Jan 2023

Blanca Martínez Díaz

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Founding Curator

Miguel Martin Matias

Joined 8 Dec 2022

Ricardo Monaga

Joined 24 Jan 2023

Miriam Román Benítez

Joined 23 Jan 2023

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