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Shanghai Zizhu Hub

Shanghai Zizhu hub is made of very talented young people, mainly entrepreneurs. Committed to using our own power to do something for the society. At the same time, we are actively developing diversification. Our hub, benefits from our experience and horizons. At present, many Chinese enterprises are actively expanding overseas business, a lot of our shapers have a wide range of social relations and international partners. With more and more exchanges between China and the world. Our hub hopes to bring our development experience to other hubs and together carry out projects.

24 members


Yu Ying


Hime Chan

Chen Li

zhixin dou

Jiashan He


wenhao liu

Xuming Mei

Ma Ruojiao

xiaolei su

Qi Wan

Wang Yixia

Kuo Yang

Kai Zhang

Kid Chao

Guanhua Chen

Chunzi Miao

yan qikai

Xingyi Wang

Zhiguo Yuan

Tianchen Zhang

Xue Zhang

陈 子迪

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