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Skopje Hub

The Skopje Hub is comprised of young and ambitious individuals who are committed to empowering community members to be positive agents of change in their society. The Hub partners with local organizations to tackle the most pervasive issues in the community, namely low standard of living and unemployment through promoting entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Our Mission in Skopje is striving to create a quality society of proactive youth. Our Vision is to undertake action that create growing mindset of youth and inspire youth to be active.

Some of our strategic goals1) To raise awareness and to inspire young people in Skopje to take an active stand on burning issues; 2) To empower youth in Skopje to become self-driven, therefore, advance their communities.  

Our long-term VISIONS for 2070 are part of two Guides, both for City of Skopje and for the whole Macedonian society.  



31 members


Miroslav Draganov

Joined 28 Mar 2018


Dimche Micevski

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Impact Officer

Marija Vasilevska

Joined 11 Sep 2019

Stefan Angelovski

Joined 10 May 2017

Danche Azmanova

Joined 16 Jul 2020

Simona Chaminska

Joined 18 Oct 2018

Tea Cvetanovska

Joined 20 Oct 2020

Emilija Gligurovska

Joined 20 Oct 2020

Stefan Ivanovski

Joined 30 Jul 2013

Ivan Jordanovski

Joined 25 Oct 2018

Simona Josifovska

Joined 11 Jan 2020

Ana Jovanovska

Joined 30 Oct 2020

Arian Jusufi

Joined 31 May 2017

Bojan Kitanovikj

Joined 10 Jan 2020

Gorazd Kitanovski

Joined 9 Apr 2020

Evgenija Krstevska

Joined 19 Dec 2019

Joana Madjoska

Joined 20 Oct 2020

Gjorgji Miteski

Joined 25 Apr 2016

Haris Murich

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Guxim Nuhiu

Joined 31 May 2017

Jana Petreska

Joined 21 Oct 2020

Olga Rajchikj

Joined 8 Jan 2020

Violeta Rendevska

Joined 20 Oct 2020

Sara Risteska

Joined 22 Oct 2020

Elena Tasheva

Joined 16 Jul 2020

Veronika Tomova

Joined 31 May 2017

Martin Trpenovski

Joined 30 Oct 2020

Kristina Velichkovska

Joined 20 Oct 2020

Ivana Vuchkova

Joined 16 Jan 2020

Natasha Zatarakoska

Joined 14 Apr 2021

Founding Curator

Zoran Stojkovski

Joined 8 May 2013

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