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Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir is renowed for its ancient and historic architecture,  traditional crafts, endless water bodies, lush gardens and rich blend of cultural and religious heritages. 

The Srinagar Hub of Global Shapers comprises individuals from diverse background such as  media, entrepreneurship,  environmentalism and Civil service. Our hub is dedicated to fostering  positive transformation  in the city and its surroundings. We aim to enhance key developmental aspects like health, education, agriculture and gender awareness with the ultimate goal of  establishing an inclusive, equitable and sustainable society.

Our commitment is to drive change by and for the local community.

17 members

Founding Curator

Touseef Ahmad Shah

Joined 28 Apr 2022

Masrooor Ashraf

Joined 30 Jan 2024

Kaisar Ali Bhat

Joined 30 Jan 2024

Shaheer Hussain

Joined 3 Oct 2023

Syed Iqra Nabi

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Mahliqa Khan

Joined 27 Jan 2023


Joined 13 May 2022

Fiza Manzoor

Joined 27 Jan 2023

Tabia Masoodi

Joined 3 Oct 2023

Al-Misda Masoom

Joined 30 Jan 2024


Amir Rafi

Joined 28 Sep 2022

Khushnoor Rah

Joined 27 Jan 2023

Sheema Shawl

Joined 26 Jan 2024

Shakir Ul islam

Joined 28 Jan 2023


Syed Uzma

Joined 21 Jul 2022

Saniya Zahoor

Joined 28 Sep 2022

Mansha Zehra

Joined 27 Jan 2023

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