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St. Petersburg hub is the team of young and enthusiastic professionals working in different spheres. Our background is wide like the city where we live. It is an honor to be citizens of this beautiful, economically developed city that is open to people of various nationalities, cultures, and traditions. In our project activities, we try to identify the missing gaps in the existing ecosystem which is already good as well as to offer solutions that could help the city to meet the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

We have implemented a few educational projects, conducted a charity fair with local designers, organized Shaping Davos in St. Petersburg in 2014, welcomed shapers from all over the world during the FIFA 2018. Annually we hold the Dignity Day. 

Today we are working in three dimensions:

- climate change - we initiate and support initiatives that are friendly to the environment and stand to improve it;

- social inclusion - we want to make our city more friendly to people with disabilities and offer programmes to train tolerance to each other;

- future jobs - we build a community of people who know all about blockchain, cryptocurrency, sustainable management.

At the moment we are hiring new shapers who are aware of SDGs and ready to make an input. On the profile picture, we keep memories of our first team, lots of our members are alumni now, and they are very known professionals in Russia and abroad.

12 members


Anastasia Tsvetkova

Chief Executive Officer

@ Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research

Maria Abozova

Head of Events

@ SMC Capital

Roman Chukov

Chair of the Board

@ Russian Centre for Promotion of International Initiatives

Ilya Shaptoshvili

General Manager

Olga Smirnova


Maxim Tikhonov


Anton Zeldin


@ Schepotka Soli

Daria Dubrova

Project manager

Stanislav Ivanov


Peter Kazansky

Secretary General

Dmitry Kirillin

Special Projects Manager

Dmitry Zaika


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