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St Petersburg Hub is a team of young and enthusiastic professionals working in various industries. We are also proud citizens of St Petersburg, a city with a unique mix of the old and the new, and are eager to make the city life even better. In our Hub we identify current issues and problems in the city and then brainstorm to come up with resolutions and projects to solve these. We want to keep our Hub activity versatile and focus on different fields. In 2020, they are as follows:ENVIRONMENTOne of our project’s goal is to develop ecotourism in the city and its surroundings. The whole world is familiar with the main touristic attractions of the city centre, but we want to show that St Petersburg is more than that — its area is worth visiting, too. EDUCATION We host interactive lessons at schools to talk with teenagers about their future and the importance of education. We give them an overview of what job options they have in the modern and ever-changing world. Meeting young professionals from a number of non-conventional backgrounds helps them learn about the new and popular job opportunities of today. SOCIAL INCLUSIONSince its foundation in 2012, our Hub has been hosting the Global Dignity Day. This informal and fun event gives school students an opportunity to focus on the aspects of dignity in everyday life. It also promotes tolerance and acceptance — both towards other people and their own selves.At the moment St Petersburg Hub is expanding — we are looking for proactive and passionate people who are willing to join the Hub to contribute to the current projects and initiate new ones.

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Uliana Miropolskaia

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Paulina Brailian

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Impact Officer

Maria Abozova

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