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We believe in a world where young people are central to solution-building, policy-making and lasting change. The Stockholm Hub is a vibrant and diverse group of people under thirty who volunteer their time to work on local impact projects together. Some of us are lifelong Stockholmers, others are recent arrivals. Between us, we are social workers, academics, investors, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and activists. 

We run volunteer projects together. We share a passion for justice, inclusion and sustainability, and want to start the ripples of meaningful change in Stockholm, our community and the wider world. Our recent projects range from a writing competition to include more young voices in the Swedish literature scene to running a competition to find the best ideas to combat food waste. We work with local partners and are always interested in new collaborations.

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26 members

Umme Jobeda Alam

Joined 1 Apr 2024

Pierluigi Antico

Joined 18 Jun 2023

Daniel Bayram Vasquez

Joined 12 Oct 2019

Alma Berggren Ek

Joined 25 Mar 2022

Noura Berrouba

Joined 15 Jun 2017

Karlina Bertulsone

Joined 7 Dec 2019


Nora Bougern

Joined 20 Mar 2022

Ana Buzatu

Joined 9 Sep 2023

Raphaëlle Cohen Chevrier

Joined 23 Aug 2023

Allan Edh

Joined 21 Mar 2022

Karolina Eklöw

Joined 3 May 2018

Martina Fridl

Joined 20 Jul 2023


Mathilda Jilg

Joined 20 Mar 2022

Kawthar Karout

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Shahin Khosravi

Joined 17 Feb 2024

Alexandra Lundqvist

Joined 18 Feb 2024

Kyle Mudge

Joined 16 Apr 2024

Yume Nishida

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Soran Rabin Bozorg

Joined 24 May 2018

Dhananjay Sahoo

Joined 11 Jun 2023

Polina Sapurova

Joined 2 Sep 2021

Saskia Sartor

Joined 1 Dec 2022

Emils Seilis

Joined 21 Mar 2022

Sakari Teerikoski

Joined 11 May 2018

Anna Vidina

Joined 9 Aug 2021

Elenor Weijmar

Joined 6 Apr 2021

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