Surakarta Hub

Welcome to Surakarta Hub, a collective of young leaders dedicated to shaping a brighter future for our city and beyond. United by a shared vision, we bring diverse backgrounds together to address local challenges through collaborative and innovative initiatives. Join us on this journey of community empowerment and positive transformation as we work towards a more sustainable and inclusive Surakarta.

11 members

Povit Esteva

Joined 13 Nov 2023

Impact Officer

Bryant L. Hartanto

Joined 28 Apr 2022


Callisa Indrawati

Joined 8 May 2022

Zulfikar Isvahany

Joined 15 Nov 2023

Christopher Sastyaviando Lebe

Joined 26 May 2022


Sri Paduka Mangkoenagoro X

Joined 26 May 2022

Kevin Nugroho

Joined 8 May 2022

Ariel Pontoh

Joined 5 Dec 2023

Rafli Attar Ricco

Joined 4 Dec 2023

Sekarsari Sugihartono

Joined 13 Nov 2023

Ananda Rivaldo Pondiu Unggul

Joined 31 Aug 2023

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