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Tanta Hub

Tanta Hub is made up of diverse young Egyptians who are from different academic and professional backgrounds, each one talented in his or her own way but all share one common purpose which is to make change in our city and shape a better future in our community and the world. As a hub we have launched initiatives and projects which tackle issues such as education and gender parity. We seek to have a broader impact locally by enhancing innovative ideas and solutions to the most pressing challenges in our community and globally by sharing our learning and best practices with other Hubs.

18 members

Yossef Abdallah

Joined 5 Feb 2016

Eslam Adel

Joined 15 Nov 2019

Salma Eldeeb

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Founding Curator

Ali Elhefnawy

Joined 27 Dec 2014

sohaila elmihy

Joined 12 Sep 2019

Hanem Taha ElTantawy

Joined 4 Jan 2018

mohamed emad

Joined 3 Aug 2015

Ashraf Talaat Hussein

Joined 4 Jan 2018

Omar Kanoma

Joined 27 Sep 2018


Ahmed Lilah

Joined 3 Jan 2021

Muhammad Mahdi

Joined 15 Nov 2019


Adel Metwally

Joined 20 Aug 2019

Aliah Rayan

Joined 4 Feb 2019

Aya Refky

Joined 2 Jan 2021

Hamed Salah

Joined 2 Jan 2021

Nourhan Selim

Joined 5 Feb 2016

Zainab Soliman

Joined 22 Feb 2018

Impact Officer

Sama Wahby

Joined 11 Sep 2019

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