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Tegucigalpa Hub

The Tegucigalpa Hub is composed of a wide array of young Hondurans who are ready to make a positive impact and generate change in our community. Our talented Shapers come from different fields such as: business, international relations, psychology, medicine, economics, architecture, marketing, publicity, banking, law and technology. We have partnered with private organizations and NGOs in order to spread our message and create sustainable solutions to the main problems afflicting Honduras. We launched initiatives aimed at peace building, using art, and we also focused on environmental awareness campaigns.

14 members


Carlos Salgado

Corporate Risk Analyst

@ Banco Davivienda Honduras

Mittchel Alexandra Benitez Torres

Co-Founder and Impact Chief Officer

@ Impact Hub Tegucigalpa

Scarlet Marleny Calix Izaguirre

Library & Research Resources Manager- CEUTEC Honduras

Oscar Canales

Coordinator, Corporate Social Responsibility


Nilson Elvir

Head of Analysis and Negotiation of Investments

Sergio Enmanuel Flores


Mirna Janineh

Corporate Communications Manager

Juan Camilo Jimenez

Project coordinator

Gina Kawas

Director, The Foundation for Education in Honduras

Julia Elizabeth Ruiz Osorto

Facilitator for the International Cooperation Space

Stephanie Zavala


Jeremy Lampman

Administrador de proyectos

Cristhyan Salgado Lardizabal


Founding Curator

Mey Hung

Country Coordinator

@ The Central America Leadership Initiative (CALI)

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