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Tel Aviv Hub

The Tel-Aviv Hub is a group of engaged young leaders from a diverse range of professional fields - from arts, hi-tech to politics and social entrepreneurship. The Hub has initiated big scale projects - "Table for Two - Isarel" and "The Babysitting Council". The Hub has also taken a big part at "Memory @ Home" an initiative of forming a new way to remember the holocaust and the lessons from it. Now, Tel-Aviv hub is building two new projects with a focus around preparing today's youth and children with the skills of the future. 

25 members


Morag Amnon

Hila Alaluf

Narkis Alon

Dafna Arad

Yarden Assa

Eden Avriel

Maya Azoulay

Elad Blumental

Eyal Feder

Dan Nahum

Eran Nissan

Raphael Ouzan

Doron Segev

Toot Shani

Mai Shbeta

Adi Altschuler

Eyal Balicer

Gloria Kilongo

Boaz Melnik

Lionel Mitelpunkt

Arielle Sandor

Arielle Sandor

Roy Segal

Bar Weiss

Founding Curator

Tal Keinan

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