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The Tel-Aviv Hub is a group of engaged young leaders from a diverse range of professional fields - from arts, hi-tech to politics and social entrepreneurship. In the past, the Hub has taken a big part in the creation of "Memory @ Home" an initiative of forming a new way to remember the holocaust and the lessons from it.

in the last years, the hub foucosed more on creating the high-tech sector in israel more divers. Our flagship project - Gal project - in an internship program for high-skilled teenagers from Israel's geographic and socio-economic periphery;  we worked on "Go.Ngo"  project, which connects non-profits to various products and services through the 'Techsoup' platform, and we continue to work on projects that will help teaching kids finencial litracy & will help the high tech community in israel become more sustainable 

We believe that it is our generation's responsibilty to take a leading role in shaping the future of our societies and our planet and create more inclusivness among it 

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Impact Officer

Tamar Alkobi

Joined 19 Sep 2022


Sharon Assa

Joined 19 Sep 2022

Orel Belo

Joined 29 Sep 2022

Gali Haskell

Joined 22 Jan 2024

Sapir Issachar

Joined 10 Sep 2023

Alon Peretz

Joined 12 Sep 2023

Jacob Salomon

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Ethan Sayagh

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Lee Setty

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Yoav Stibbe

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