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The Hague Hub

City-based hubs are the core of the Global Shapers Community. Each hub is required to undertake an impact-generating project to better their local community. Additionally, hubs organize workshops, meetings with leaders, and other activities that increase their members’ capacity for impact as current and future leaders. Hub activities are non-political, non-partisan and always focused on the great public good.

13 members


Elissa Glorie

Joined 1 Nov 2021

Tulika Agrawal

Joined 29 Oct 2021

Paul Huijsman

Joined 29 Oct 2021

Zeyneb Kasmi

Joined 29 Oct 2021

Baran Koser

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Lejin Li

Joined 6 Mar 2022

Vincent Martin Rump

Joined 7 Oct 2021

Amber Scheele

Joined 30 Nov 2021

Swayam Shah

Joined 29 Oct 2021

Mark Termeulen

Joined 8 Dec 2021

Giulia Barbos

Joined 7 Mar 2022

Fatema Kakal

Joined 14 Oct 2022

Founding Curator

Tim Verheij

Joined 1 Jun 2021

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