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The Global Shapers Thessaloniki Hub serves the local community by activating young leaders to contribute to the solutions of it challenges, the amplification of its opportunities, and the paving of the way for the next generation of change-makers. We aim to strengthen our local community by connecting different stakeholders to take actions in solving the city's most pressing issues.

As the world rapidly evolves, we hope that we will help the local youth and greater community tnot only to withstand any future crises but also thrive.

Founded in January 2020, we are the second Hub that operates in Greece. Having overcome the challenges of the Covid era, our goal now is to develop our Hub further so that it can be an established force of change in the area.





24 members

Ahmad Alkhalil

Joined 30 Jan 2021


Joined 4 Mar 2022

Founding Curator

Dimitri Diamanti

Joined 10 Jan 2020


Emily Fisher

Joined 25 Jan 2020

Leemu-Kutu Hall

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Panagiotis Hatziioannou

Joined 18 Dec 2022

Stejsi Jani

Joined 4 Mar 2022

Elisavet Katmada

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Ioannis Kiakos

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Marinos Kladas

Joined 6 Jul 2023

Fotios Kotzakioulafis

Joined 4 May 2023

Andreas Loutzidis

Joined 30 Jan 2021


Ilektra Makridou

Joined 23 Jul 2021

Foteini Nigritinou

Joined 24 Jul 2021

Elina Ntozi

Joined 6 Jul 2023

Revekka Papadopoulou

Joined 24 Jul 2021

Alexandros Raptis

Joined 23 Jan 2020

Sophie Rossiter

Joined 30 Jan 2021

Despoina Stoikou

Joined 11 Jul 2023

Marina Triantafyllopoulou

Joined 30 Jan 2021

Orestis Tsatsos

Joined 12 May 2020

Evgenia Vamvakousi

Joined 10 Jul 2023

Ekaterina Vasileva

Joined 1 Feb 2021

Kaitlyn Waters

Joined 21 May 2020

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