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Tianjin Hub

The Tianjin Hub is a newly founded community with a promising potential in China. We want to attract more talented young people who commit to the development of China’s society, including advanced technology, new energy, industry transformation and upgrading and etc.

17 members


Lucy Yang Xiangning

Investment Professional

@ ZhenFund

Ding Ruihan


@ Geruiqidao Cultural Development Co. Ltd

Hu Mingyuan

PhD Candidate

Jiang Shenglong

PhD Candidate, Tianjin University

Liu Yuqing

Chief Operating Officer

@ Beijing Chilun Yichuang Technology Co. Ltd

Sixuan Lu (or Lyu)

Assistant Professor in Law

Qian Feng

Learned Scholar

Weijie Tan

FX Analyst

Wu Congsi


@ Xinhua News Agency

Zhang Kaidi

PhD Candidate

Zhao Xuming

Head, Chronic Care

@ iHealth Labs

Zheng Xiaolin

Master's Degree Candidate, Nankai University

Liu Bin


Jie Deng

Schwarzian Scholar

xiaoting zhang


Haosu Zhang


Tianning Zhao


@ Jade Capital Management LLC

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