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Tijuana Hub

The Tijuana Hub is comprised of a diverse group of talented, young leaders in our city with multi-faceted experience ranging from entrepreneurship and business to the environment and design. As a city that is far removed from the reach of the country's capital, we know first-hand how important local action is, and how the involvement of local actors is vital in ensuring that the city progresses. As a hub, our work thus far has centered around environmental, mobility and immigration issues as that has remained a pressing concerns in the city.

20 members

Carlos Reyneiro Acosta Araiza

Joined 31 Oct 2019

Impact Officer


Joined 1 Dec 2020

Jacqueline Bautista

Joined 1 Dec 2020

Jeny Castor

Joined 3 Dec 2020

Natalia Cornejo

Joined 6 Nov 2019


Vanessa Corona Arellano

Joined 2 Dec 2020

Alejandra Fernández Acosta

Joined 24 Jan 2022

Kamila García

Joined 10 Jul 2021

Agustin Gomez

Joined 22 Nov 2018

David Gonzalez Aragon

Joined 2 Dec 2020

Issac Hernandez

Joined 24 Jan 2022

Antonio K. Hirata

Joined 1 Dec 2020

Antonio Luna

Joined 4 Feb 2023

Laura Lu Zhen

Joined 23 Nov 2017


Madai Mondaca

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Gerardo Israel Padilla Villarreal

Joined 28 Jan 2019

Guillermo Parra

Joined 20 Feb 2020


Joined 3 Dec 2020

Lizeth Ricartti

Joined 8 Jan 2019

Karen Trejo

Joined 2 Dec 2020

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