Tokyo Hub

Tokyo Hub is one of the fastest established hubs in the GSC network. As a representative of the young generation in Tokyo, we would like to be a challenger who aims for a better society. We aim to be a world where young people can have a better impact on society.

While we become ourselves a role model of the same generation, we will give a chance to challenge the younger generation than us and support them. We respect the values ​​such as obligation, credit, respect, cooperation, consciousness as in Japanese culture from ancient times, and are working on a daily basis.

29 members

Yoshifumi AKI

Joined 16 Sep 2022

Kaori Chiba

Joined 7 Jul 2021

shintaro fujimori

Joined 8 Jul 2022

Shotaro Goto

Joined 26 Jun 2020

Yurie Hatori

Joined 16 Sep 2022

Takeshi Hidaka

Joined 24 Jun 2021

Ruka Higaki

Joined 16 Sep 2022

Ryo Iwamoto

Joined 15 Sep 2022

Monika Jain

Joined 17 Sep 2015

Sayaka Kankolongo Watanabe

Joined 25 Jun 2019


ito kazuma

Joined 25 Jun 2021

Mikito Kezuka

Joined 26 Jun 2020

Nami Kishida

Joined 27 Jun 2020

Ryosuke Kobayashi

Joined 30 Mar 2015


Rémi Laveille

Joined 24 Dec 2020

Doga Makiura

Joined 1 Dec 2016

Mark McNeill

Joined 25 Jun 2019

Dan Nakamura

Joined 7 May 2015

Risako Ninomiya

Joined 26 Jun 2020


Joined 11 Jan 2019


Joined 9 Aug 2018

Machiko Saito

Joined 25 Oct 2022

Akihiko Shimoyama

Joined 22 Sep 2022

Mayu Shono

Joined 27 Jan 2019

Soh Tonghwi

Joined 30 Apr 2015

Kiyomaru Tamenaga

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Yuta Toyama

Joined 23 Jun 2016

Impact Officer

Sotaro Tsunagi

Joined 25 Jun 2021

Xing Zhang

Joined 27 May 2016

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