Tokyo Hub

Tokyo Hub is one of the fastest established hubs in the GSC network. As a representative of the young generation in Tokyo, we would like to be a challenger who aims for a better society. We aim to be a world where young people can have a better impact on society.

While we become ourselves a role model of the same generation, we will give a chance to challenge the younger generation than us and support them. We respect the values ​​such as obligation, credit, respect, cooperation, consciousness as in Japanese culture from ancient times, and are working on a daily basis.

23 members

Yoshifumi AKI

Joined 16 Sep 2022

Alisa Blanc

Joined 5 Jan 2024

Mirei Chayama

Joined 4 Jan 2024

Kaori Chiba

Joined 7 Jul 2021

shintaro fujimori

Joined 8 Jul 2022

Yurie Hatori

Joined 16 Sep 2022


Kazuma Ito

Joined 25 Jun 2021

Ryo Iwamoto

Joined 15 Sep 2022

Yosuke Kida

Joined 4 Jan 2024


Rémi Laveille

Joined 24 Dec 2020

Doga Makiura

Joined 1 Dec 2016

Mark McNeill

Joined 25 Jun 2019

Haruna MORI

Joined 22 Jan 2024

Dan Nakamura

Joined 7 May 2015

Risako Ninomiya

Joined 26 Jun 2020


Joined 11 Jan 2019


Joined 9 Aug 2018

Eri Shimakura

Joined 7 Jan 2024

Akihiko Shimoyama

Joined 22 Sep 2022

Impact Officer

Sotaro Tsunagi

Joined 25 Jun 2021

Masaki Umeda

Joined 7 Jan 2024

Haruka Yamashita

Joined 11 Jan 2024

Xing Zhang

Joined 27 May 2016

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