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Tomsk Hub

Tomsk Hub unites young people who are willing and ready to change our city, our country and the whole world for the better. In conjunction with the initiative by people of our city, we do social projects aimed at improving the quality of life of residents of the city and creating a favorable environment for guests.

19 members


Adelina Ovcharenko

Eugene Zhukov

Founding Curator

Liana Kobzeva

Andrey Baytinger

Pavel Kiselyov

Pavel Kuznetsov

Yulia Lenivtseva

Mikhail Baklanov

Zakhid Gasymov

Daniil Kadesnikov

Yulianna Kaigorodova

Mikhail Kobzev

Maria Kreismann

Mariya Mikhailovich

Uliana Moshkina

Apollinariya Rakina

Raushan Reshetova

Natalia Semenyak

Valeria Titova

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