Toulouse Hub

The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum built around a network of Hubs developed and led by young people willing to be at the heart of solution-building, policy-making and lasting change. The Toulouse Hub members represent the dynamism and the cosmopolitan influences of the city of Toulouse. We are a group of young inspired professionals and students eager to create change for our community. Our mission is to lead or support local projects with a positive impact in the following three areas:🌍 The protection of the planet to ensure that the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment becomes a reality for all📢 Strengthening the civic engagement for the ecological, solidarity-based and democratic transition 🤝 The creation of sustainable, inclusive and rights-respecting communities

12 members

Raquel Alonso Castilla

Joined 13 Oct 2022

Hugo Bonnet

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Anthony Brune

Joined 10 Jan 2024

Dargaud Chloe

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Emma Dell’Acqua

Joined 29 Apr 2023

Noémi Duverdin

Joined 29 Nov 2023

Mareike Jonghmans

Joined 2 Dec 2023


Joined 13 Oct 2022


Pauline Nayral

Joined 26 Jan 2023

Impact Officer

Alexis Pournot

Joined 28 Apr 2023


Marie Valentin

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Founding Curator

Jelto von Schuckmann

Joined 20 Jun 2022

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