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Trento Hub

The Trento Hub is made up of great and humble young people committed to bring Trento and its territory as models for other european cities. Our objective is to engage with the various stakeholders to create with them a common framework to improve our city.

14 members


Ilaria Corridori

Joined 12 Nov 2019

Impact Officer

elena rusci

Joined 10 Apr 2020

Daniele Pierre Castellan

Joined 18 Mar 2020

Micol Alexandria Chiesa

Joined 18 Mar 2020

Agnese Colasanti

Joined 10 Apr 2020

Arianna Conci

Joined 22 Aug 2019

Anna Dallafior

Joined 10 Apr 2020

Angelo Fasulo

Joined 18 Mar 2020

Beatrice Lio

Joined 22 Jul 2020

Claudio Christopher Passalacqua

Joined 19 Mar 2020

Anna Pianura

Joined 18 Mar 2020

Philipp Woelk

Joined 1 Jul 2020


Joined 20 Mar 2020

Founding Curator

Nicola Pugno

Joined 9 Jul 2019

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