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Tripoli Hub

Tripoli Hub is a group of talented young professionals based in Tripoli or its surrounding areas who are committed to positively impacting their society through collaboration and co-creation. Coming from different backgrounds and interests, yet our Shapers foster their efforts and work together on wicked problems and multidisciplinary projects to make a difference and meaningful impact on both local and international levels.

14 members


Hassan Saad

Joined 5 Jan 2020


Amged B Shwehdy

Joined 31 Dec 2019

Impact Officer

Lina Benamer

Joined 3 Nov 2020

Moad abouzamazem

Joined 21 Jan 2020

Mahmoud (Mackey) Abugrin

Joined 31 Mar 2020

SirajEddin Arrab

Joined 15 Aug 2020

Hend Bashimam

Joined 1 Jan 2020

Winsa Elhaderi

Joined 3 Nov 2020

Reem M. Almabrouk

Joined 14 Aug 2020

Mohamed Maslati

Joined 30 Jul 2013

Jehad Oumer

Joined 1 Nov 2020

Rawasi Saeid

Joined 4 Nov 2020


Joined 24 Nov 2019

Founding Curator

Mohamed Wefati

Joined 11 Dec 2012

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