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Tripoli - LB Hub

Global Shapers Tripoli-LB hub is a community of change makers facilitating means of collaboration, connecting stakeholders and leveraging their resources to serve the local community providing opportunities for growth.

9 members

Impact Officer

Riham Al Sahmarany

Joined 8 Mar 2023


Salim Dabliz

Joined 4 Feb 2023

Aisha Harrash

Joined 18 Mar 2023

Joelle Hmedeh

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Fahd Jamaleddine

Joined 13 Sep 2018

Reine Metlej

Joined 18 Mar 2023

Farah Sabsabi

Joined 4 May 2023


Malak Trkaoie

Joined 2 Feb 2023

Jad Zock

Joined 18 Mar 2023

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