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Tucson Hub

About Us:

We are a young team of entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists, and industry professionals from Tucson, Arizona, who are part of the Global Shapers Community. We exist to amplify the voice of millennials, elevate conversations of equity, and contribute to meaningful impact in our local Tucson community by seeking best practices and support from the global network of hubs.


Our Focus:

Our hub is working to focus on cross border support for new and small businesses looking to sell goods between Mexico and the US. We plan to first focus in the Sonoran Desert Region which is comprised of Southern Arizona, California, Western Mexico, and parts of Baja California. 


Our City:

Tucson is uniquely positioned to be one of the top leaders of population and business growth in the Southwest, over the next 10 years. Positioned between Phoenix and the most frequented US-Mexico point of entry, Tucson is a vital asset to this region’s economy.


Regional Populations:

City of Tucson550,000Tucson Metropolitan Area1,000,000Sonoran Desert Region7,000,000+Southwestern USA14,000,000+

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