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Ulaanbaatar Hub

The Ulaanbaatar Hub is diverse but collective group of young people committed to shape a better future for Mongolia and beyond. With our members’ and partners’ expertise and resources from the field of education, media, arts, technology, policy, law and business we encourage youth lead solution to improve our community. Through our initiatives such as ‘UBeSafe’ and ‘Multistakeholder Day’ we nourish cross sector, cross Hub and cross culture partnership to improve our local and regional community in the areas of road safety, preservation of cultural heritage, and youth involvement for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

31 members


Erdene Elbegdorj

Undral Amarsaikhan

Tanan Bat-Erdene

Enkhzaya Bat-Orgil

Batzaya Batsaikhan

Namnandorj Bayaraa

Anar Bayarsaikhan

Ganzorig Chuluun

Lkhagva Erdene

Tana Jambaldorj

Altangunii Jargalan

Zolzaya Jargalsaikhan

Nomin Jargalsaikhan

Enkhtur Lkhagvajav

Maralmaa Munkh Achit

Uyanga Munkhbold

Narantuguldur Saijrakh

Ariunzaya Saranjav

Namuujin Sereejav

Burtguljin Tumentsogt

Uyanga Vladimir

Ariun Zorigt


Narantsogt Baatarkhuu

BatUul Baldandorj

Bilguun Batjargal

Sangaamaa Enkhtuvshin

Tsogt T

Chimedyudon Tsogdelger

Misheel Zorigt

Founding Curator

Ganhuyag Chuluun

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