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The Ulaanbaatar Hub is a diverse community of young leaders committed to shaping a better future in their local communities and beyond. Since its establishment in 2011, the UB Hub has been one of the most active and well-governed Hubs around the world. The projects initiated by the Global Shapers have not only addressed some of the most pressing issues in Mongolia but also at the same time resulted in public policy changes throughout the country. Many of these projects focus on youth empowerment, cultural preservation, road-safety, and climate change. 

34 members


Tanan Bat-Erdene

Erdene Elbegdorj

Founding Curator

Ganhuyag Chuluun

Undral Amarsaikhan

Amarbayasgalan Batbaatar

Batchimeg Batbold

Enkhzaya Bat-Orgil

Batzaya Batsaikhan

Delgerjargal Batsuuri

Namnandorj Bayaraa

Anar Bayarsaikhan

Munkhzul Boldbaatar

Norovsuren Chinbat

Baigal Gan-Erdene

Tana Jambaldorj

Altangunii Jargalan

Zolzaya Jargalsaikhan

Nomin Jargalsaikhan

Maralmaa Munkh Achit

Uyanga Munkhbold

Narantuguldur Saijrakh

Ariunzaya Saranjav

Iggy Tsolmonbaatar

Uyanga Vladimir

Misheel Zorigt

Ariun Zorigt

Mungun Altangerel


Narantsogt Baatarkhuu

BatUul Baldandorj

Amarbayasgalan Batbaatar

Enkhjargal (Eja) Batbold

Bilguun Batjargal

Tsogt T

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