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Ulan-Ude Hub

The Ulan-Ude hub (Buryat Republic, Russian Federation) is an example of a determined hub already pursuing Global Shapers initiatives. Since 2012 the Dignity Day initiative has been run in the heart of Siberia by shapers from Ulan-Ude Hub. This one in a million Hub is located next to the lake Baikal - the world’s largest freshwater lake in the world. While focusing on the most challenging issues of the area, the Hub successfully ran the first ever IT-hackaton on forest fires. As of now the core team is represented by IT professionals that utilize their knowledge and try to solve ecology & education challenges that are crucial for the region and typical for the different parts of the world.

7 members

Maria Khankhunova

Manager, Public Relations and Media

@ Metropol Group

Tsideneshi Ivanovich Boldoev


Fedor Khandarov


Naragma Nomshieva

an english teacher

Anastasia Alexandrovna Rozhkova

Project manager

Founding Curator

Daria Arkhincheeva

General Director

@ Nurba Diamonds

Founding Curator

Purbo Dambiev

Event Manager

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