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Ulan-Ude Hub

The Ulan-Ude hub (Buryat Republic, Russian Federation) is an example of a determined hub already pursuing Global Shapers initiatives. Since 2012 the Dignity Day initiative has been run in the heart of Siberia by shapers from Ulan-Ude Hub. This one in a million Hub is located next to the lake Baikal - the world’s largest freshwater lake in the world. While focusing on the most challenging issues of the area, the Hub successfully ran the first ever IT-hackaton on forest fires. As of now the core team is represented by IT professionals that utilize their knowledge and try to solve ecology & education challenges that are crucial for the region and typical for the different parts of the world.

20 members


Innokentiy Badmaev

Joined 13 Jun 2019

Outgoing Curator

Karina Gunzenova

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Vice Curator

Igor Kanzychakov

Joined 8 Jun 2019

Homonov Arthur

Joined 7 Apr 2019

Fedor Khandarov

Joined 23 Feb 2017

Maria Khankhunova

Joined 13 Mar 2017

Mariia Khasoeva

Joined 9 Apr 2019

Badmaeva Maina

Joined 16 Jun 2019

Yumozhapova Aryuna

Joined 31 Aug 2019

Bulat Baldanov

Joined 12 Jul 2019

Tsideneshi Ivanovich Boldoev

Joined 22 Feb 2017

Erdem Dabaev

Joined 15 Aug 2019

Purbo Dambiev

Joined 3 Jan 2018

Igor Kim

Joined 31 May 2019

Anastasia Nasibulina

Joined 26 May 2019

Naragma Nomshieva

Joined 19 Oct 2017

Nikita Suhanov

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Zhargalma Sukhanova

Joined 1 Apr 2019

Софья Цыденова

Joined 31 Mar 2019

Founding Curator

Daria Arkhincheeva

Joined 17 May 2016

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