Utrecht Hub

We are the Utrecht Hub of the Global Shapers Community, the worldwide community for leaders between 18-30 years old of the World Economic Forum. The maximum age to apply is 27 years old!

Utrecht hub aims to bring together a diverse group of young people to address society’s most emerging challenges on sustainability, social empowerment, and civic engagement by amplifying the voice of youth and designing a future-ready local, national, and international community.

Want to join our hub? The process consists of a recruitment event, a written application, and an interview round. Looking forward to working with you. Contact us with general inquiries at

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Teo Bais

Joined 8 Dec 2022

Sybe Eringfeld

Joined 9 Apr 2023

Maria Koutra

Joined 5 Jan 2023

Mariella Luce

Joined 16 Mar 2023

Domna Ntouchani

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Samuel Vermeulen

Joined 4 Apr 2023

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