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The Vaduz Hub has been founded in summer 2020 and brings together a diverse, young and dedicated team. Currently, we are focusing on growing our member base. Each member, equipped with a unique skillset, contributes to the projects and challenges that the Vaduz hub tackles. The different backgrounds, expertise and interests are helping us to view challenges from different perspectives and find creative solutions. Benefitting from the countries small size, close relationships with important stakeholders in the whole region of the Rhine valley are possible. Liechtenstein's strategic singularity regarding its political and economic positioning in Europe provides the Hub with various opportunities. We strive to have a positive impact and shape the Principality of Liechtenstein and its surroundings to become even more progressive and diverse while improving social and ecological sustainability.

10 members


Lena Klein

Joined 2 Sep 2020


Irina Schreiber

Joined 29 Oct 2020

Vishnu Alasingar Bharath Raj

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Gianna Gilardi

Joined 28 Jun 2021

Jonas Heindorf

Joined 29 Apr 2021

Sophia Jehle

Joined 26 Aug 2020

Celina Kind

Joined 2 Jun 2021

Valeria Torre

Joined 11 Oct 2021

Noorullah Muradi

Joined 1 Sep 2021

Founding Curator

Felix Gehrer

Joined 25 Aug 2020

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