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Having been established in 2013, Vilnius Hub is today one of the most visible and active Hubs of the Global Shapers Community. Because of the small size of Lithuania, the Hub unites outstanding young leaders from all over the country. Throughout the years the Hub has conducted a number of projects and initiatives: hosted Shape Europe 2015, participated in Shaping Davos discussion, initiated "City Alumni" regional development project, "We Love Poland" initiative to address political tension situation, "Outsharing", "Blockchain castle" and a number of other inititiatives. "Women Go Tech" - the first mentorship and counselling programme in Lithuania for women seeking careers in technology sector has already made 500 success stories. Our newest project "Impact Meetups" aims to become a platform of young professionals providing the well-recognised global voice for sustainability. We are passionate travelers and friendly hosts - always keen to meet Shapers on our journeys, business trips or help you around on your Vilnius visit. See you around!

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Zygimantas Zabieta

Joined 17 Sep 2013


Ieva Punytė

Joined 22 Aug 2019

Tomas Eglinskas

Joined 16 Dec 2019

Leonardas Gujis

Joined 29 Nov 2018

Kamile Kaselyte

Joined 9 Apr 2017

Augustinas Kuzminskas

Joined 3 Oct 2018

Matas Maciulaitis

Joined 1 May 2018

Vytautas Mikalainis

Joined 3 Oct 2018

Hovhannes Mkhitaryan

Joined 28 Jan 2020

Jarune Narkeviciute

Joined 29 Jun 2017

Jonė Pukėnaitė

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Gintare Skorupskaite

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Erika Vaskyte

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Zydrune Vitaite

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Denas Grybauskas

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Greta Petrosiute

Joined 16 Dec 2019

Paulius Vertelka

Joined 9 May 2017

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