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The city of Wah has two significant features; one is that the city is located near the Capital – Islamabad, and the other is that the literacy rate of the city is effectively 100 percent. The features give the opportunity to engage the locals of the city in policy making, especially young generations.Wah has chartered universities, medical college and engineering college. Residents of Wah are found in major universities of Pakistan and world. With given location. It can become a potential hub of future policymakers and young thinkers who want to play decisive part in promoting legislations, inclusive governance, accountability and development. The untapped potential can help in setting the direction of country for long term sustainable development and peace.Wah Hub is serving as a positive addition to Shapers’ community with educated and young thinkers. The Shapers’ community with its vast experience can help the young community members in finding the direction and achieving goals that can uplift the community and eventually the country.There are number of areas such as education, health, inclusion of minority, accessibility of financial resources and other, in which the Hub can be engaged. However, the priority for the Hub is to work on the issue that can become the next ‘water crisis’ for Pakistan and that is ‘Water Management’.

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