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The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change, with over 400 hubs in 150 countries

Warri Hub is a multicultural, multiethnic, vibrant, and extremely diverse group with young leaders and Shapers across varied sectors (public, private, nonprofit) and fields from entrepreneurs, legal practitioners, media personalities, political enthusiasts, social entrepreneurs, activists, medical and health practitioners, tech/digital enthusiasts, and many other occupations in different sectors of society. The city of Warri is a commercial capital city of Delta State, one of the major hubs of petroleum/oil and Gas activities and businesses in southern Nigeria otherwise known as the Niger-Delta region. The modern metropolitan area has a population of about 943,000 and a thriving youth population whose potential and talents are renowned in the country. Our mission is to harness the potential of young people in a collaborative network to drive sustainable social impact in our city. We believe in a world where young people are central to solution-building, policy-making, and lasting change and we shall come together as young shapers and self-organize to create initiatives that address local and regional challenges to contribute to the global impact of the Global Shapers Community. 

To find more about our recruitment criteria, timelines, and general information, get in touch:Email: follow us on social media @warrishapers

19 members

Orezimena Faith Abel

Joined 21 Jun 2022

Aghogho Akpoyovwaire

Joined 7 Jun 2022

Eloho Avwaruroro

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Emmanuella Awhin

Joined 16 Jun 2022

Blessing Bossman

Joined 9 Jun 2022


Joined 9 Jun 2022

Jeffrey Epete

Joined 18 Oct 2022

Edesiri Imonieroh

Joined 8 Jun 2022

Dorey Macjohn

Joined 25 Oct 2022

Founding Curator

Eddy Ohwofasa

Joined 28 Apr 2022

Azubuike Okolie

Joined 17 Oct 2022

M.K (Moses Kweneojoh) Okonmah

Joined 13 Jun 2022

Oghenefegor Blossom Okugbe-Agrippa

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Stephanie Omosun

Joined 8 Jun 2022

Impact Officer

Romeo Pupu

Joined 7 Jun 2022

Ifunanya Thomas

Joined 18 Oct 2022

Favour Tubotu

Joined 13 Jun 2022

Eseoghene Jessica Ugbobor

Joined 7 Jun 2022

Chioma Ugwuozor

Joined 20 Jun 2022

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