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Established in 2012, Global Shapers Warsaw Hub engages young people from various professional backgrounds including entrepreneurs, startups, filmmakers, creative agency representatives and corporate professionals. The Warsaw Hub is especially known from its Mentors4Starters initiative, a mentoring program matching young leaders with top managers of Polish and multinational enterprises and corporations.The Hub is also actively involved in organization of the Global Dignity Day celebrations in Warsaw and it participates in preparation of meetings and reports significant for the businesses in the region.

23 members


Wiktoria Przybylska

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Impact Officer

Gosia Rychlik

Joined 25 Dec 2019

Community Champion

Katarzyna Wszola

Joined 29 May 2018

Vice Curator

Joanna Zofia Jasinska

Joined 5 Aug 2018

Jakub Florkiewicz

Joined 21 Mar 2019

Anna Frankowska

Joined 6 Jan 2020

Kornel Koronowski

Joined 21 Mar 2017

Anna Maria Rozek

Joined 30 Mar 2019

Leszek Szczepaniak

Joined 13 Sep 2019

Kamil Tylinski

Joined 3 Oct 2014

Aleksandra Borkowska

Joined 18 Mar 2019

Paula Clavina

Joined 24 Dec 2019

Bartosz Czerkies

Joined 14 Jul 2020

Aigerim Fazylova

Joined 6 Jul 2020

Mateusz Gawalkiewicz

Joined 12 Sep 2018

Paulina Joanna Górska

Joined 8 Aug 2018

Bart Kot

Joined 2 Mar 2020

Sara Pietryszyk

Joined 6 Jan 2020

Anna Rozek

Joined 3 May 2019

Rafal Tuziak

Joined 3 Jan 2018

Karolina Dominika W??yk

Joined 27 Jun 2018

Karolina Zubel

Joined 15 Sep 2019

Founding Curator

Jacek Olechowski

Joined 22 Sep 2011

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