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The Global Shapers presence in Washington D.C. is comprised of two Hubs, each a unique collection of Shapers with their own identity and purpose. However, we proudly operate as “Two Hubs, One Community” both internally and externally as we believe both Hubs working together in unison yields the greatest impact for Washington D.C. and beyond.

Our Hubs’ goal has been to affect change at a local level in the D.C. community – something often overlooked amidst the national headlines traditionally dedicated to federal government and politics – with a wide range of projects focused around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, we encourage our Shapers to be engaged in community-wide conversations, idea sharing, Forum events and frequent interaction with our international network that is constantly developing due to our position within the heart of the United States’ capital city.

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26 members


Jazmin Tanner

Programme Manager

@ Wikimedia Foundation

David Agranovich

Threat Disruption Lead

@ Facebook Inc.

Rishi Neil Ahuja

Ellington Arnold

Program Analyst & Youth Entrepreneurship Advisor

Urgamal Azat

Founder and Board Director

@ Oddariya Foundation

Felizia Bacall

Senior Investment Officer, Development Credit Authority

Brandon Banner

Manager, Policy Advocacy

@ US Chamber of Commerce

Nichole Bestman


Kim Bryden

CEO, Founder

Monique Dorsainvil

Director of Planning and Events for the Office of Public Engagement...

@ Office of the President of the United States

Paige Gentry

Associate, Affordable Housing & Non-Profit

Angela Jhanji

Strategy Manager

Bo Machayo

Co-Founder and President

@ Global Inheritance

Mary Katherine McKenzie

Software Engineer

Maria João Montenegro


Steven Olikara

Founder and President

Philip Reeves


@ Mercantile Strategies

Clara Tsao

Chief Technology Officer CVE Task Force

Ermal Vila

Parliamentary Specialist

Olivia May Woods

Public Affairs Specialist

Jen Qiuyuan Zhu

Policy Lead at Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

@ US Department of Health and Human Services

Akash Chougule

Director of Policy

Laura Jaramillo


Marcus Noel

Founder and CEO

Reagan Thompson


Founding Curator

Kate Roberts


@ Maverick Collective (PSI)

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