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Wellington may sit at the edge of the world, but it’s New Zealand's heart. It is the country's cultural capital and the third most populous urban area. Famous for a vibrant creative culture fuelled by great food, craft beer, and strong coffee, Wellington is a cosmopolitan city with an energetic personality.

The Wellington Hub's current focus is on how our Global Shapers can assist in the recovery phase folloiwing the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hub's projects fall within three pillars: Wellbing and Resilience, the Future of Work. and the New Economy. 

Application to join the Wellington Hub are currently closed and will open again in late 2020.

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Founding Curator

Aaron Hape

Brad Olsen

Ajay Ravindran

Camille Wrightson

Sophia Collinson

Nicola Hetherington

Sophie Oliff

Samson Phommachack

Jennifer Young

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