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Yokohama Hub

The Yokohama Hub is built upon the previous Tokyo Hub. To look back our big achievement, it had the experience of hosting an official Global Shapers event (SHAPE) with the local community, and has passed on the best practices to other Hubs.

We highly value our diversity, and the members include professionals from human resource management, consulting, agriculture, policy research, and technology. Currently, in the year of 2019-2020, we have several projects;

-Zero One Joshi (means women in Japan)

-Zero One Senior

-Yokohama 100 people Conference

We are also aware of the importance of connecting ourselves with the other shapers in our region to promote peaceful region, so our hub is actively communicating with the shapers in North East Asia Region.


18 members


Yu Shinagawa

Joined 9 Apr 2019


Kayo Osumi

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Impact Officer

Ryo Takahashi

Joined 16 Apr 2020

Community Champion

Misato Nagakawa

Joined 19 Apr 2018

Francis Therese Calalang

Joined 19 Apr 2020

Sho Hayashi

Joined 31 Mar 2017

Miho Higuchi

Joined 30 Mar 2015

Ankita Jain

Joined 22 Apr 2020

Tsubasa Kato

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Mai Kuriyama

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Ryuya Nakamura

Joined 19 Apr 2020

Yoshiko Ogawa

Joined 24 Feb 2017

Karthik Rampalli

Joined 19 Apr 2020

Maaya Kita Sugai

Joined 20 Apr 2020

Hibiki Takeda

Joined 19 Apr 2020


Joined 11 Oct 2019

Yuki Yoshikai

Joined 21 Apr 2020

Atoka Jo

Joined 19 Apr 2020

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