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The Yokohama Hub is new to the Community, freshly established a few months ago. The hub is consisted of both passionate experienced members and rookies. The members include professionals from human resource management, consulting, agriculture, policy research, and technology. For 2016, we have decided to commit to strengthening our mission, vision and core values. While fully embracing the mission and values of the World Economic Forum and the Global Shapers Community, the Yokohama hub's individual focus is on accelerating diversification and inclusivity of the local community through our projects. Currently we focus on the gender parity issues of Japan, and are at the stage of planning a project for young Japanese women together with an YGL initiative NewChampions5050. Because Yokohama Hub is built upon the previous Tokyo Hub, it also had the experience of hosting an official Global Shapers event (SHAPE) with the local community, and has passed on the best practices to other Hubs.

10 members


Sho Hayashi

Chief Executive Officer

@ SHOCKby, Inc.

Miho Higuchi


@ McKinsey & Company

Takeru Kawashima


Misato Nagakawa


@ GLOBIS Corporation

Kohei Narita


Yoshiko Ogawa

Human Resources and Organizational Transformation Consultant


Yu Shinagawa


Miri Hachimura

Law student

Yukihiro Hosokai

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ Lifebook


Community Designer

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