Yokohama Hub

The Yokohama Hub is situated in the beautiful bayside city of Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan and the southern part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. With a rapidly declining population, low energy and food self-sufficiency, a stagnant economy, rising inequality, and a myriad of other problems, Japan is facing some of its biggest challenges yet. We believe that now more than ever, the world needs young people like us to drive change and positive impact in our communities.  Inclusion is at our core, and our members come from diverse backgrounds, with expertise and experience covering industries such as technology, finance, education, science, government, non-profits, and more. Together we seek to become a beacon for youths in Yokohama and the Greater Tokyo Region through our projects, our voices, and our actions.

Visit us through our webpage: https://gsc-yokohama.com/ 

29 members

Chihiro Ando

Joined 2 Dec 2023

Alireza Emami

Joined 26 Sep 2023


Yuka Fujii

Joined 8 May 2021

Haris Gulzar

Joined 14 Sep 2023

Lisa Hiraga

Joined 7 Sep 2022

Mana Ishibashi

Joined 7 Sep 2023

Masako Ishihara

Joined 9 Sep 2023

Hanami Itagaki

Joined 10 May 2021

Atoka Jo

Joined 19 Apr 2020

Miwoo Kang

Joined 16 Sep 2023

Daum Kim

Joined 6 Sep 2023


Joined 9 Jan 2021

Koukou Kuribayashi

Joined 6 Sep 2022

Mai Kuriyama

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Oleksii Kyrylchuk

Joined 8 May 2021

Roy Lee

Joined 20 Jan 2021

Yingmei Lin

Joined 6 Sep 2023

Misaki Murase

Joined 16 Sep 2023

Takuya Nakaizawa

Joined 18 Sep 2023

Impact Officer

Yuta Noji

Joined 6 Sep 2022

Karthik Rampalli

Joined 19 Apr 2020


Hinata Saiki

Joined 10 Sep 2022

Borja Sánchez

Joined 9 Sep 2022

Satoshi Shimayoshi

Joined 10 Sep 2022

Kemmaru Suedomi

Joined 11 Sep 2022

Yuka Sugiura

Joined 8 Sep 2022

Hibiki Takeda

Joined 19 Apr 2020

Takeshi Yamashita

Joined 15 Sep 2023

Kohana Yanagisawa

Joined 10 Sep 2023

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