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Zagreb Hub

The Zagreb Hub is made up of a diverse group of young leaders with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Although we think philanthropy is an important aspect of every society, our hub is more focused on initiating sustainable projects, whose main stakeholders can later manage them in a sustainable way. Also, due to the fact that Croatia is a small country, a number of our hub members come from different regions in Croatia. This we think is important in order for our projects to have an impact on a national level, and also to further expand the global shapers community. Along with smaller projects that every hub member initiates on his/her behalf, our hub votes on a general theme per year, which is accompanied with the hubs main project. Our theme for 2018/2019 is "underdeveloped regions in Republic of Croatia".

26 members


Stela Bonifacic

Mate Damic

Founding Curator

Mislav Ante Omazic

Antea Bariši?

Antonela Belamarić

Iva Bobinac

Kristijan Bozic

Antonia Kuzmanic

Marko Mimica

Borna Nikolić

Mislav Radic

Katica Šamija

Buga Marija Šimić

Igor Tomić

Pasko Vukasovic

Barbara Vukovic

Vanda Horvat

Marko Komerički

Stjepan Krešić

Jere Kuzmanić

Ivan Lueti?

Ines Ostric

Antonija Podobnik

Matej Serbec

Jakša Vukojević

Karlo Vulin

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