This project's overall objective is to secure relevant and sustainable multi-stakeholder partnerships on the ground in our country as solutions to achieve SDG 17. Through this project, we are proposing clarification of the goals (like the initiative we started - SDGs Campaign), followed by the creation of a matrix for mapping individual persons, companies as well as CSOs that are active in the area of SDGs. Participants can add their activities on the ground in relation to government activities relevant for mapping (SDGs Mapping),. In the final stage, the Hub will organize 17 SDGs MEETUPS, one for each SDG-goal. The objective will be to understand the core of the goals and jointly work on targets and indicators for achieving them. The approach will be specifically adjusted to the conditions present in Macedonia and can lead to meaningful and sustainable public-private partnerships per topic.

Our project’s specific objectives are:

  1. To clearly understand the content and background of the SDGs (not only main stakeholders, but wider public as well);

  2. To understand and operate in accordance with the national policies and strategies toward achieving the SDGs and/or improve them by relevant suggestion (as added value);

  3. To meet the targets and indicators per SDG, adjusted to the circumstances and social, economic, political and cultural environment;

  4. To secure long lasting, sustainable and meaningful multi-stakeholder partnerships;

  5. To develop new projects and/or products jointly, and to apply for funds from developed countries for implementation of SDG-related projects (via partnerships).

By project execution (in the stages mentioned above), we will follow these specific objectives (which at the end will be transformed into achieved results), and we will measure the impact of each objectives as follows:

  1. By number of stakeholders' web sites that mention SDGs, number of products and services’ description that they are in accordance with SDGs, number of media products that mention SDGs, number of (educational) seminars and public events that publicly rely on SDG targets.

  2. During the 17 SDG Meetups, we will measure how many of the stakeholders involved are aware of national policies and strategies and whether they work in line with them or/and will give added value (number of relevant suggestions).

  3. We will compare our SDG Mapping and the one implemented by the Government officials, in order to see the number and relevancy of differences in meeting global indicators, our country indicators (based mainly on adopted legal documents), and indicators that will measure all stakeholders’ activities taken on the ground (into practice).

  4. Number of concrete outputs as follow-ups to the effective 17 MEETUPS which will lead to joint outcomes securing long-lasting partnership per SDG.

  5. Number of developed products, services and applied projects jointly (in partnership), but also the number of voluntary initiatives and activities which will last beyond their joint projects (only) and this project as well. After finishing this project (in one year), we will measure its impact regularly on annual basis.