20L - Saving 20 lakh litres water

An average RO purifier wastes approximately 3 litres of water for every 1 litre of purified water. According to this estimate, only 25% of the total water is purified whereas 75% of water comes out as waste, which usually makes its way to the sewage drains.

Tapping the waste water generated by RO purification an very big task. It can be easily (re)used for other purposes such cleaning utensils, clothes, cars, watering of plants, using water in toilet flush, etc. The idea of this project is to assist common households in installing and operating water storage drums connected to water purifiers and thereby promote optimum use of ‘waste’ water generated by the individual units. It will also be a medium to create awareness among households for reducing their water usage in routine activities while communicating the message that ‘every drop counts’.

The goal of the project is to reach over 1,500 drums thereby saving an average of 20 lakh litres per month in the short term, simultaneously establishing the importance of saving and preserving our most valuable natural resource.