21 Days of Green Living

Everyone believes that ‘change comes from within’ but they often don't know where to start. In pursuit of promoting the concept of Green and Sustainable living, the Jaipur Hub envisaged the 21 Days of Green Living project.

During the 21 days of Green living challenge, participants were presented with a daily task to perform. With every task, a score was given to each participant who completed the task efficiently and effectively. At the end of the challenge, the winners were awarded giveaways from our sustainable partners.

During the first phase of the challenge, there were a total of 231 registrations from 20 different cities in India. A total of 547 tasks were performed by participants. Out of all the participants 25 have already started with their own Kitchen Garden. More than 15 saplings were planted by our participants. Backed by 26 partners we also planted 253 trees in collaboration with Climate Reality India.

During the second phase of the challenge, the project team kept the registrations open for the people of Jaipur and we were able to bring more than 50 people into Green Living. Jaipur Hub is constantly working to create more such phases of this challenge to bring a lifestyle change within people.