InfoConfiableEc: A Community Platform with Reliable Information About COVID-19

According to Princeton University and the University of New York, older adults are the main victims of false news. Young people should become the reliable source of information in each home. The BBC suggests ways to recognize false news but this is not the time to teach, but to act. The leading organizations of this initiative are: the social campaign Team Matilde and the Research and Innovation Institute INECEM. This initiative aims to develop one minute video capsules with important information about new housekeeping protocols to prevent the spread of the virus within the home during quarantine. This material is going to be created following the recommendations of the the strategic ally The Internacional Center for Journalist (Washington DC) in order to become a source of responsible content. The leading organization INECEM is going share scientific sources and all this is going to be available in a digital platform supported by the leading organization Team Matilde (, where people can also find several links to confirm information without missing key announcements. Our Media Partners are Girls In Tech Ecuador and Global Shapers Guayaquil.

The purpose of this project is to avoid misinformation, empower youth, care for older adults and avoid information saturation by offering a single place for real-time collection of information from reliable local sources at the time of day they use to get information (which is the most healthy way to stay informed).

Here is what we need:

- Influencers who make a call to Ecuador, expressing our official recommendations through video capsules

- Media Partners to share our content

- Professionals with their own resources to generate informative videos

- Resources to enhance our virtual space with its own domain