A Pencil Not A Cigarette

 It wasn’t easy for me to see him smoking, a 12 year-old child selling some products in the downtown of Nablus. I pretended that I wanted to buy headphones to ask him, "why do you smoke?" He replied: "Dad does that too!"

This short conversation was enough to decide that we should do something for kids in Palestine, especially in Nablus, where you can find many kids smoking cigarettes or shisha. Some of them leave their schools to smoke cigarettes and sheesha in the cafes, and some of them smoke in areas away from people.

That happened to the Palestinian law, based on Jordanian penal code NO16 -1960 and the Council of Ministers Declaration NO 1.1996, prohibiting the selling of cigarettes for teenagers under 18 years old?


3 years later, our story began!

We -- Global Shapers Nablus Hub -- collaborate with Nablus governance and 10 ministries and institutes in Palestine who are concerned about this issue. Finding solutions is one of their responsibilities along with reactivating the law with new strong penalties. We also work with schools on different activities for students to raise awareness among them.