A second chance for people in prison

Every year around 6000 people in Moldova are finishing their imprisonment period and their social and economic inclusion is at its lowest. Once leaving prison, they often work in construction or non-official jobs and are unable to get a well-paid position with decent conditions.

As a solution, Global Shapers Chisinau Hub, in partnership with local organizations such as Drupal Moldova Association, Penitentiary NR 9 and 16 Forms Chisinau, is working on developing a beginner level curriculum for a pilot course on IT dedicated to young people in the last phase of their imprisonment with the aim of making them competitive on the IT labor market once they leave prison.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  1. Create a replicable teaching curriculum in IT for people in prison

  2. Identify five people in prison who are eager to study IT and provide them with tools around emerging technologies

  3. Awaken curiosity about technology as a way of living and find labor opportunities