Accelerating Progress on Racial Equity and Ethnic Minority Inclusion In Nordics

Though equality for all is an ideal goal, reports continuously show us that issues within the spectrum of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are still far from equal. Whilst systemic work on bringing about gender equality has made progress internationally over the last few years, we have not witnessed the same kind of concerted effort and progress on racial equality and ethnic minority inclusion. This is also still very much a current challenge in the Nordic region.


It is imperative for corporations and organizations to turn the lens towards internal cultures and practices in order to be more inclusive. Leveraging on diversity and inclusion internally will not only create a dynamic environment created by different voices and backgrounds, but also place the organization in a competitive advantage.


We need to leapfrog and accelerate the progression on this in the Nordics through leveraging on our learnings from our gender equality work. This needs to be a multistakeholder approach where we 1) Empower ethnic minority talents to increase preparedness for leadership positions, and 2) Educate and anchor organizations to create inclusive workplaces where the diverse talent feel a sense of belonging.


This project will focus on both dimensions and will be a cross-hub collaboration.


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